Your All-in-One Introduction to the Six Major World Faiths


Do you need to buy artefacts to teach about all six world religions but not sure where to start?

Look no further!

We have selected some of the key artefacts from each of the six major world religions and provided comprehensive teachers' notes to help you deliver your RE Syllabus with confidence.

Our purpose-built Artefacts Trolley provides a perfect storage solution and an ideal display area. We are pleased to be able to offer all of this for just £635.00 - that's a saving of over £96.00!

Already have somewhere to store your artefacts? You can still save over £86.00 by buying all 6 collections together for just £354.50! Just select the Artefacts without Trolley option from the drop down menu.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Please note, the artefacts trolley will be delivered separately to your artefacts.

Pack includes:

Buddhist Collection - a collection of artefacts that might be found in a Buddhist shrine, including a Buddha rupa (statue), seven offering bowls (representing offerings made to the Buddha), incense sticks and holder, a butter lamp, and a thangka (wall hanging) with a beautiful depiction of the Buddha.

Christian Collection - a wide range of cards, certificates and artefacts that have been chosen to show the diversity that exists in Christianity, plus some of its festivals and practices. Included in the set is a selection of crosses, a rosary, cards and certificates, communion cups, a chalice and paten, dove witness pin, baptismal candle, advent calendar and a Greek icon.

Hindu Collection - everything you need to create a Hindu shrine in the classroom or home corner, including four murtis (Rama Sita, Lakshmi, Radha-Krishna and Ganesh), incense, kum kum powder and puja set. Also included is a deva lamp, Diwali card, mendhi kit, Aum symbol and prayer beads.

Muslim Collection  - an insight into many of the practices and beliefs of Islam, including a prayer mat and qiblah (compass showing the direction of Mecca), an Eid card, a Hajj robe, prayer beads, The Qur'an in English / Arabic, and ra'el (Qur'an stand) made from Shesham wood.

Jewish Collection - some key artefacts to explore various aspects of the Jewish faith, including replica Torah scrolls printed in Hebrew text, a kippah, mezuzah case and facsimile mezuzah, a seder plate, a hanukiah and a dreidel.

Sikh Collection - everything you need to talk about the 5 Ks: the turban and pattka represent the kesh or uncut hair worn by baptised Sikhs; there is a kangha (comb to keep the hair tidy); kara (bangle to protect the bow arm), kacchera (shorts for modesty); and wooden version of a kirpan (dagger only used to protect oneself and others but not to attack). An actual kirpan is not included for health and safety reasons. However, there is a necklace with a miniature kirpan and khanda, the two edged sword used in the Amrit ceremony. Also included is a Nishan Sahib, which is the symbol on flags flown outside all Gurdwaras.

Artefacts Trolley  - Our purpose-built Artefacts Trolley provides a perfect storage solution for your RE resources and an ideal display area. As it is on castors, the trolley can be easily moved from one classroom to another, making it easier to keep all of your resources together. The deep drawers are each a different colour, making it easier for you to quickly identify the resources for each religion. Size: H1030 x D453 x W739mm


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