Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem here, or you have a question specifically regarding a product, your order or account, please contact our lovely Customer Service team.

1. Why have you changed the website?

2. I cannot use the search feature!

3. I'm having trouble finding the products I'm looking for.

4. I'm trying to create a new web account, but it says there's already an account with the same email address - what does this mean?

5. I have forgotten my password.

6. I want to create a new account for the same email address.

7. How can I change my account details?

8. Can I save the contents of my Shopping Basket for my next visit?

9. How can I print out an order requisition before placing an order?

10. I have promotional code, where do I enter it?

11. Can I use multiple promotional codes at once?

12. Can I use the same promotional code more than once?

13. My card payment won’t go through, why not?

14. I haven’t received an order confirmation.

15. I need to change/cancel my order.

16. When will my order be delivered?

17. I need to return an item, what do I need to know?

18. How long do I need to wait for my refund?


1.  Why have you changed your website?

We thought it was time for a fresh new website. We have added many new features on the site, and improved both navigation and product viewing facilities.

The new site now follows our catalogue more closely, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. We have also added a secure card payment facility to make the ordering process smoother and more convenient.

If you would like to send us any comments or feedback regarding our website, products or services please feel free to fill in our contact form here.

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2.  I cannot use the search feature!

After our recent website update some of the features – such as search – are no longer supported by old web browser versions (such as Internet Explorer 6.0 or ‘IE6’). This 11-year old version of Internet Explorer is also the only web browser version that does not support wide range of features on a variety of newer websites, and can pose a serious security issue on e-commerce sites which handle customer data and online payments.

We understand that this is a real inconvenience to some of our customers who have not had the chance to update to a more recent browser version, but from our side it is a matter of improved security and performance. As we are handling sensitive data on the web (credit and debit card payments) it is paramount that our websites are built to be more secure.

Since Microsoft does not provide automatic updates for its web browsers we would like to suggest customers with IE6 to update their browser to the latest Internet Explorer version through the following link:

Alternatively, contact your IT department and ask them to do it, or use other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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3.  I’m having trouble finding the products I am looking for.

You can search products by name, description or product code. The search results can be narrowed down by price and category by choosing options on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

We update our website and products daily, and it might be that the product you are after is either out of stock or discontinued by our suppliers. Our helpful Customer Services team is happy to assist you with any product-related queries and suggest alternative products when applicable.

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4.  I’m trying to create a new web account but it says that there already is an account with my email address – what does this mean?

This means that an account has already been set up for your email address. You can use the password reminder to send you a new password to access your account, or contact Customer Services and we will send the login details to you.

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5.  I have forgotten my password.

You can get a new password by using the new password reminder. An email with a new password will be sent to your email address which is registered as your primary email on your web account. Trying to use any other email address will not work.

Please note, that sometimes these types of emails fail to pass the email software security, so check your Junk Mail folder if the email doesn’t arrive.

If you cannot remember which email address you have registered with us, please contact Customer Services with your name, email address and post code details and we will send your login details for you as soon as possible.

The old website allowed customers to checkout as a ‘Guest’ without having to register a web account. If you feel that you might have previously ordered as a guest, please follow our easy steps to creating a new account.

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6.  I want to create another web account under the same email address.

Unfortunately our system does not allow two separate web accounts to share the same email address. This is because the email address is used as a log in username, and two accounts cannot be created with the same username.

However, any other contact or billing details can be the same for two different accounts.

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7.  How can I change my account details?

You can change your account details, including your email address which you use to log into your account and your password from My Account and ‘Account Information’, and address details at ‘Address Book’.

If your organisation has a (non-web) purchasing account with us, please also email your new contact and invoicing details to our Customer Services.

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8.  How can I save my Shopping Basket for my next visit?

If you have placed items in your shopping basket while being logged into your account, the contents of your basket will be saved for your next visit depending on your web browser cache and cookie settings.

Basket contents that have been added while not being logged in will not be saved once you navigate away from our website or close your browser window.

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9.  How do I print out a PO requisition before placing an order?

Simply add items into your Shopping Basket and click ‘Request a Printed P.O. Requisition Form’ button below the basket, and follow the instructions. The Purchase Order Requisition will be emailed to you to the address you have provided.

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10.  I have a promotional code, where do I enter it?

Simply type in your promotional code at Shopping Basket page in the respective field below order summary and click on ‘Apply Code’ button. Your discount will be added to your order totals immediately.

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11.  Can I use multiple promotional codes at once?

No, unfortunately we allow only one promotional code per order unless otherwise advised.

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12.  Can I use the same promotional code more than once?

Promotional codes can only be used only once per code and per account, unless otherwise stated.

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13.  My card payment won’t go through – what’s wrong?

Please check that you have entered correct card details and that you have sufficient funds on your card. We only accept card payments from UK mainland customers. If you wish to place an order outside mainland UK, you will be given the option to ‘Pay by Invoice’, and we will contact you with the relevant shipping costs to add to your invoice. You can then pay by credit card over the phone if you wish.

If you are sure you have entered correct card details and your payment still won’t go through, please check with your bank or call 01992 45 46 36 for one of our Customer Service team members to take your order on the phone.

For customers in Republic of Ireland: you will need to key in EIRE (or any other text) to all address postcode fields to avoid card payment failing.

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14.  I haven’t received an order confirmation.

Please check your email inbox as well as junk mail in case the email has been marked as ‘junk’ by your email program.

You can also print your order confirmation from My Account – ‘My Orders’ at any time.

In rare cases web orders fail to come through to us. If you haven’t received the email confirming your order within few hours from placing your order, please call Customer Services at 01992 45 46 36 to get a confirmation that we have received your order and are currently processing it.

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15.  I need to change/cancel my order.

As our standard delivery on stocked items is within 48 hours, we advise you to notify our Customer Services as soon as possible if you wish to change or cancel your order.

If you fail to cancel or change in time, our no-quibble guarantee on stocked items allows you to return your unused items in their original packaging within 30 days. Please refer to Delivery and Returns for more information and how to obtain returns authorisation.

Direct delivery goods must be cancelled within 3 days of the date placing the order, and any changes to the order specification of these goods must be made within 3 days of receiving our order acknowledgement. Please see Terms and Conditions for details. 

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16.  When will my order be delivered?

Our standard delivery time on stocked goods is within 48 hours, subject to availability. Direct Delivery items are shown with standard delivery lead times.

Please refer to Delivery and Returns for more details.

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17.  I need to return an item, what do I need to do?

Before returning an item you need to obtain a returns authorisation. Please send an email to Customer Services at  with your contact and order details as well as a detailed explanation as to why you wish to return the item. For more information on returns please see Delivery and Returns.

Please note that Special Order items and Non-stocked items are non-refundable unless faulty.

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18.  How long do I need to wait for a refund?

As each order and reason for a refund request is different, we treat every case individually. The speed at which refunds are paid depends on the items, their condition, the reason for return or cancellation, payment method and any other aspects that affect each specific case. All returned items are subject to full inspection at our warehouse after which the case is taken to our Customer Services.

So unfortunately we are unable to give any standard times when you can expect to receive the refund payment. However, to speed up the process we recommend that you make sure you have received a returns authorisation from us before sending back an item, given conclusive reason as why you wish to return the item, and send the item back to us in pristine condition and in its original packaging.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.